Friday, April 22, 2011

Godzilla and the "New" Easter Story

Lately, Evan has been borderline obsessed with Godzilla.  He walks around singing a godzilla song, pretends to be godzilla, and builds godzilla out of everything.  Yesterday we had a conversation about godzilla versus the Easter Bunny:
Mom: "Should we ask godzilla to come Saturday and bring treats rather than the Easter Bunny?"

Evan: "No!  I want both to come."

Mom: "What kind of treat is godzilla going to bring you?"

Evan with a lot of godzilla like zest: "He's going to bring me MEAT!!"

That's our little carnivore.

And now for an Easter story I wrote last year but forgot to post:

Easter 2010

Family Home Evening (FHE) in our house is a little more '30 second story and a lot of running around' than a true family study of gospel principles. To help in our endeavor to have more quality FHE time (because Evan is getting close to age 3 and should be able to recite the Articles of Faith by now...) we've been inviting friends over to mix it up a bit. Our good friends and next door neighbors graciously accept our invitations to join us for FHE many Monday nights. The girls, collectively known as 'the Ka' by Evan do a great job in providing an example/distraction for a length of time long enough to squeeze in a lesson.

A couple of weeks ago in an attempt to give an Easter lesson Evan might get something out of, I used the little Book of Mormon picture book. 'The Ka' read most of the captions under the pictures out loud and Evan stood by waiting for his turn. After looking at pictures of Christ visiting America talking to all the children, Evan was insistent it was his turn to read. We all chuckled as he started in on his version of the picture with Jesus surrounded by all the kids. In all earnestness, Evan told us that, "Jesus talk to the kids...", then looked up and finished his story with finesse, "and Jesus said, 'BOO'".
We all laughed at how cute him and his story was but then I thought, though he may not have been quoting scripture, I think Evan has a great point. I bet Jesus was great with kids and has a great sense of humor. Kids love Him and kids don't like lame people.

Happy Easter!

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