Sunday, October 17, 2010

The world is my sandbox

I think he would live here if we'ld let him.

If you like sand this is...not for you.

Because, this, my friend(s), is salt.

But it matters little to him, it's salt as far as the eye can see and he got to run, play, scoop and even make salt angels

in his favorite shirt.

Ok, one of his favortie shirts.  It's a toss up between 'superhero shirt' and 'shark shirt'.  Aunt Wendy only sees him on shark shirt day and has begun offering to buy the poor boy some clothes.  Who am I to turn down an offer from a doting aunt?? 

He REALLY likes alligator shirts. 

But she already knows that. 

And no one makes alligator shirts for 3 year olds. 

We've all checked.


Claudia said...

So cute! That playing in the sand idea sounds awesome - I am positive my kids would love it!

Try this:,411293235

Claudia said...

and by "sand" I meant "salt" - apparently I can read, I just can't type.

tristanjh said...

Gotta love google:[0]=materials

Get the poor kid a gator shirt!

sjw said...

You guys are awesome! I'm ordering him one this week.

Yes, I'm sure all your kids would love playing in the salt - we went to Prominetory and it was salt flats as far as you could see.

Don't worry, Claudia, typos won't keep you out of heaven.:>

Corbie said...

I swear my kids have closets full of cute clothes (at least by Mom standards) and I'll be danged if they don't constantly wear some free t-shirt they got from a carnival that says Cream O' Weber on it or something (in other words, in my world that shark shirt is downright fancy). He is so beautiful and he looks just like you!

sjw said...

Thanks! I'm happy to hear someone sees me in his cute little face.

Luckily, Evan has not been exposed to free T-shirts yet but I'm sure the day is coming. My sister's got a kid who will only wear oversized football jerseys and slick shorts to go along with them - good thing he's 5.